Absolutely new level of Visual web-design in browser

Create web-site of any difficulty level on PIXLI without code. Rich functional is at your service for creating unique adaptive web-sites.


Site from scratch to PERFECTION

Web-design platform which is going to turn over your visual design picture

In PIXLI we created the widest opportunities for web-sites development. All functions of professional adaptive frontend developing were visually incarnated in convenient way to allow any web-designer create design in browser and get clean code.

Full set

Flexible tools and settings for web-design from the scratch

Wide range of widgets

During site creation you can use ready-made widgets which are easy to add on page by simple dragging.

Convenient work with text

You can simply activate any fonts from service like GoogleFonts or WebFont. PIXLI functional allows to make any manipulations with text - set appearance, animation, make interactive.

Elements design based on CSS-classes

Classes are used to combine some features into one group and in further to assign it to elements. In other words classes are going to help you to work much faster with elements, which have common look.

Simple creation of site navigation

To create navigation you have to use special widgets - navbar, tubs and dropdown. All them include settings allowed to look good in any resolution.

Convenient design and settings of elements

With PIXLI you can easily set element aspect - color, size, position on page and etc. There’s no need spend time on opportunities research, you can initiate right away.

Auto and adjustable animation

You can animate objects in click or use animation settings.


After site creation you get clean semantic code

Export code or publish it on PIXLI. It’s cross-browser by default. There’s no need to test and edit bugs after getting ready design.

clean html code
CSS file
CSS file






THOUSANDS of web-designers already have discovered fresh new visual editor PIXLI

We Wish you find our platform as a space for your ideas and creativity, improve your working process.

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